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MEDIASRES-fellows and their supervisors


Clinical trials for personalised, marker based treatment strategies

Hong Sun

Supervisor: Werner Vach

Meta-analysis of studies with competing risks outcomes

Federico Bonofiglio

Supervisor: Jan Beyersmann

Supervisor: Guido Schwarzer

Prediction from longitudinal high-dimensional molecular data

Sung Won Kim

Supervisor: Martin Schumacher

Methods for proteomic diagnosis and prognosis in inflammatory diseases

Aleksia Kakourou

Supervisor: Bart Mertens

Dynamic prediction in event-history analysis

Mia Klinten Grand

Supervisor: Hein Putter

Co-Supervisor: Thomas Scheike

Missing data and measurement in individual patient data meta-analysis

Matteo Quartagno

Supervisor: James Carpenter

Bayesian approaches to analyzing adverse events in randomized trials with a high proportion of trial arms observing no event

Soheila Aghlmandi

Supervisor: Peter Jüni

Supervisor: Marcel Zwahlen

Model selection and model validation

Anna Bellach (Anna Barz)

Supervisor: Jason Fine

Supervisor: Theis Lange

Understanding treatment mechanisms in clinical survival trials - a causal approach

Susanne Strohmeier

Supervisor: Odd O. Aalen

Supervisor: Ørnulf Borgan

Nonparametric estimation of transition probabilities in non-Markov multi-state models

Leyla Azarang

Mechanistic models in medicine development

Ketil Biering Tvermosegaard

Supervisor: John Whittaker

State of the art adaptive dose finding designs

Corine Baayen

Supervisor: Philip Hougaard

Design of clinical trials with biologics

Markus Lange

Supervisor: Heinz Schmidli

Meta-Analysis of controlled clinical trials: Models and assumptions, inferential principles, and computational algorithms

Anna Wiksten

Supervisor: Ekkehard Glimm

Supervisor: Frank Bretz


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