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DAGStat conference in Freiburg march 2013

The Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik (DAGStat) is a network of scientific and professional organizations that develop and promote statistical theory and methodology. According to the motto ‘Statistics under one umbrella’, contributions of the fifteen specialized societies were discussed. The invited speakers  addressed current topics which are interesting for statisticians of all different areas of application. There were tutorials on smoothing, competing risks and parallel programming. Students who are about to finish their master thesis or are in their first year post graduation (master/ diploma) applied for the Young Statisticians Session of the conference.

Talks from a great variety of topics from different fields of applications like medicine, economics and engineering allowed and supported an exchange of statistical methods and thus encouraged interesting and productive scientific discussions.


Contribution from MEDIASRES ESRs:

Nine of the MEDIASRES fellows joined the 3rd joint Statistical Meeting DAGStat 2013 in Freiburg and four of them even actively contributed to the interesting program - Federico, Markus and Corine with presentations and Hong with a poster.

Federico Bonofiglio: Parametric meta-analyses of trials with incomplete reporting of competing events may be performed for cumulative event probabilities

Markus Lange: Analysis of clinical trials with biologics using dose-time-response models

Corine Baayen: Testing Order-Constrained Hypotheses Concerning Circular Data

Hong Sun: A framework to assess the added value of subgroup analyses when the overall treatment effect was significant



Federico and Hong



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