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Course Week Clinical Biostatistics II

and MEDIASRES Mid-term Review Meeting

Our Course Week Clinical Biostatistics II took place in London from 6th to 11th of October 2013. Together with this course week, we had our Mid-term Review Meeting (see below) with REA representatives on Wednesday, 9th of October 2013. All ESRs and 15 supervisors (representing all 10 Partner Institutions) participated in the meeting.


Course Week Clinical Biostatistics II

open agenda (pdf)

The course week was organized by the MEDIASRES team at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Main course week topics (1-day workshop each) were meta-analysis (by James Carpenter and Tim Morris from LSHTM), causal inference and statistical methods in epidemiology (by Neil Pearce from LSHTM) and Bayesian statistics (by Marcel Zwahlen from University of Bern) plus a short tutorial in ggplot and org-mode (by Jochen Knaus from University Medical Center Freiburg).

On Tuesday October 7, the supervisors met for the third Supervisory Board Meeting, where the progress of MEDIASRES was discussed and next steps were planned. In the afternoon, each ESR met with their supervisor and co-supervisor to give an update on the individual research project, to plan future activities and to fix the secondments.The late afternoon was reserved for final preparation of the important mid-term review meeting (see below) on Wednesday and for taking some group pictures.


Some impressions:

All supervisors and ESRs in front of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

First impression London


James with the plan of the day:


Mid-term Review Meeting

The MEDIASRES Mid-Term Review Meeting took place at LSHTM in London on 9th October 2013. Representatives from all network partners, 14fellows (ESRs), as well as the Project Officer (REA) plus an external expert (Ana Marusic) attended the meeting at Senate House. After a brief introduction by Audrey Arfi (REA Project Officer) and Martin Schumacher (MEDIASRES coordinator), Anne Mills, Vice Director of LSHTM, officially opened the meeting and gave us some background on LSHTM and especially the tradition of statistical research.

This was followed by a short tour de table and the Coordinator’s report, which included all relevant aspects of the implementation and progress of MEDIASRES. The central part of the day was reserved for the ESR’s presentations. Each of them had the chance to present their background, their individual research project, their training and dissemination activities and expected personal and general impact, followed by a short discussion.

In the afternoon, the ESRs had the opportunity to talk to the REA representatives without supervisors or members of the managing team. The day was completed by an open discussion and the sharing of experiences within MEDIASRES and the Marie Curie Actions in general and an outlook on future perspectives in HORIZON2020.

Overall, it was a very fruitful and successful meeting, which was also reflected by the extremely positive feedback that we received from the REA representative and the external reviewer. This was very encouraging for us. We will continue our efforts for the further progress of the project.

Our project officer (Audrey Arfi) had shown a slide in the beginning of the meeting asking the question of success story.

We do believe that MEDIASRES is a success story.


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